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Do you want to start a blog ?
If yes then go or and sign up.

What is blog hosting?
By far the easiest way to get started is a blog hosting platform. The most popular choices here are and Both of these services are free blog hosting to use, and you can get started on your free blog very easily, with a minimum of blog setup.

Why Should I Write A Blog?
There is no single reason to write a blog, as it very much depends on your motivation. Nevertheless, blogging can have a number of benefits, whether it is to help boost the presence of your business online, or just to share and debate ideas with like-minded people.

What is mobile blogging?
Mobile blogging is a form of blogging in which the user publishes blog entries directly to the web from a mobile phone or other handheld device.

Could i chage my blogger templates ?
Answer is yes. If you have a blogger blog like mine you can change your blogger templates.There are many web designers who create free blogger templates for the people.Also many free blogger templates blog over the internet like my blogger blog sites.The blog setup is very easy.If you want you can host your blog with your own domain.Then you set the perfect blog template for your blog.As I mentioned above some blogger templates are free.But if you want more efficient template then buy from web design professional company.If you want to make some money from your blog.Then you can join blog advertising like google adsense,adbrite,yahoo publisher network etc.